We at Butler Mediation Services understand that each conflict arises from multiple factors and consists of a complex collection of multi-layered interests, needs and concerns. For every conflict or dispute on which we consult, we begin first with problem identification and analysis of the conflict. Our analysis may start with the parties’ perceptions of the material issues but always extends to potential relational issues, communication problems, and problems of perspective and perception that may be obstructing movement to resolution. We then design and implement a mediation process to meet and solve the problems that have been impediments to resolution.

We accomplish our ultimate purpose of enabling parties to make the wisest possible decisions about how best to resolve their disputes by designing a mediation process that:

  • Facilitates constructive communication among the parties to the dispute;
  • Attempts to improve the working relationships among the disputants;
  • Clarifies the interests, needs and concerns of the parties;
  • References external objective standards for measuring the fairness of proposals for resolution of opposing interests;
  • Provides a reality check for the parties as they consider their alternatives to settlement;
  • Explores creative options for meeting the parties’ needs and interests;
  • Results in a wise agreement that resolves all issues in the dispute and clearly defines the commitments of the parties.

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